LIFE groups

There are currently ongoing and amazing Life Groups and home Bible studies that meet throughout the week in and around the Eastvale area and beyond. New Day's Life Groups and home Bible studies are full of friendly people who would love for you to become part of their group.


7:00 pm - YOUNG ADULTS - Rick Weststeyn, NewDay Christian Church (951) 454-5617.



6:30 pm – Bob Coryell, 2830 Hillside Avenue, Norco (951)529-1615.


6:45 pm - Pete Weststeyn, 12694 Bridgewater Dr., Eastvale (951) 232-5328.


7:00 pm - Mike Estrada - NewDay Christian Church, (951) 660-1743.




7:00 pm - Kelly Liebhart, 2270 Caballeros Rd., Norco (951) 522-1934.



7:00 pm - Tim Creager, 698 4th St., Norco (951) 545-4979.



10:30 am – Irene DiGiorgio, 6748 Borgest St., Eastvale (909)210-0730.



6:00 am - Steve Najera, Men's group meets 2nd and 4th Saturday (951) 903-6673. 


For more information, please contact Bob Coryell, Director of Life Groups, (951)529-1615 or

Those who become part of such a group tend to spiritually grow in leaps and bounds. Studying a book of the Bible, or a Bible topic, with other growing Christians not only accelerates spiritual growth, but it's fun, and great new friendships are often developed.

For more details or to get connected with a group please contact
Bob Coryell at - 951-529-1615